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Roll Shutters for Residential Applications

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Rollshutter2We’re used to seeing roll shutters in commercial applications, but recently there has been a trend toward including them in residential designs.

As more people are installing them, they’re finding that the properties that make them ideal for commercial applications make them good for home use, too.

Because they’re usually made of metal, roll shutters are much more secure than the windows and doors they cover. They’re opaque, so would-be intruders don’t know what’s inside. Most criminals are opportunists, and will be deterred by the extra hassle that roll shutters pose to them. They’ll also protect your home in the event of a severe weather event, by ensuring that your windows remain secure even if the winds are high enough to throw debris around.

Roll shutters keep sunlight out, which keeps air conditioning costs down. In winter, they’ll help keep the heat created by your furnace in. They can also greatly reduce the level of noise that gets into your home from outside, which makes them ideal for shift workers who need to sleep soundly in the daytime.

Better than Blinds or Curtains
Roll shutters can be opened or closed at a moment’s notice, to allow air and light to flow into the house, or to completely close your windows and doors. Because they close completely, they provide maximum privacy for you and your home’s occupants.

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Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg