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RapidFlex High Speed Door Models for Industrial Applications

  • Posted by: Overhead Door of Winnipeg
  • Category: Commercial Overhead Doors

Earlier this year, Overhead Door introduced the new RapidFlex high speed fabric and rubber line for commercial and industrial applications.

The doors were developed over an 18 month period and are designed to provide end users with improved productivity, environmental control, and industry-leading standard features.

They are suitable for a range of applications, including food and beverage distribution, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, transit and automotive, mining and environmental control.

The RapidFlex series of high performance doors are engineered to allow maximum productivity with fast-acting curtains, high-cycle performance and resistance to damage from accidental collisions. With robust safety features and a pressure resistant design, these high speed doors will keep your facility running securely, efficiently and environmentally controlled.

To learn more about these unique products, contact your local experts, Overhead Door of Winnipeg and Overhead Door of Brandon.

Click the links below for the specifications and watch the video to see them in action!

Model 991 and Model 992 High Speed Interior Fabric Doors

Model 993 and Model 994 High Speed Exterior Fabric Doors

Model 995 High Speed Exterior Rubber Doors

Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg