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Sunshine Door Commercial

Polycarbonate Commercial Overhead Door Application
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Overhead Door of Brandon and Winnipeg are authorized dealers of the “Original” Sunshine Door™. Used in a variety of garage-based businesses and commercial properties, the triple wall polycarbonate provides thermal insulation, exceptional impact resistance, and superior light transmission.

It is widely used in agricultural buildings because it reduces risk of freeze up, is rust resistant and built tough. It is the perfect application for organic farming, and it is also the standard material used in greenhouses for optimum temperature control. Read the brochure to learn more.


Speed of Light Sunshine Door

The Speed of Light Door is comprised of 12″ sectional panels made with Polycarbonate sheet product, for a smoother, faster and more continuous glide. At a speed of 32″ per second, it completes two cycles (open and close twice) in the time that a regular door does one cycle. With up to a 14ft continuous barrel hinge, no secondary hinges are required, offering maximum efficiency and speed. Click to learn more about this incredible product or download our brochure to see the many benefits.


Let The Sun Shine In with a Sunshine Door

A Sunshine Door allows natural light into your work or warehouse space in a way that’s safe and energy efficient. Try intermediate Sunshine sections to brighten up a dark spot or lighten up your transaction window. Versatility is just one of the many benefits to the Sunshine Door panels; read our brochure to learn more ways that a Sunshine Door will light up your life.


Car Wash Sunshine Door

Installing a Sunshine Door in your car wash bays will make them more inviting by allowing in natural light. Triple wall construction means triple insulation and reduced freeze up risk. Only 1/3 the weight of glass but 140 times stronger than glass. Built tough and completely rust resistant. Read the brochure to learn more.