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Roll Shutters

If you’ve never considered roll shutters for your home, perhaps the benefits of this practical and beautiful home improvement project haven’t been fully explained. At Overhead Door of Winnipeg, we provide our residential clients with products that fit their lifestyle and property needs, and the benefits of residential roll shutters for the average homeowner are far reaching.

Roll shutters are mounted above a door or window and roll down to cover and protect the door or window. Shutters are typically made from metal, and are available in a range of different colours and patterns, meaning that they can complement your home’s curb appeal. Operation of the shutters is either done using a manual winder or a motorized system such as a remote control or control panel.

Roll Shutters Provide Security
Many find the biggest benefit of roll shutters to be the increased security that they provide to a residence. Would be intruders are faced with both a physical and visual deterrent.

Roll Shutters are Insulating
Roll shutters can help to manage your energy costs by blocking solar heat and winter cold. In addition to thermal insulation benefits, roll shutters also provide sound insulation, reducing the transmission of sound by up to 50 percent.

Roll Shutters Offer Light, Ventilation and Privacy Control
Choose to completely darken a room in your home or flood it with sunlight at a moment’s notice with roll shutters. Similarly, choose to allow an abundance of fresh air to flow through the window or door, or reduce the airflow coming into the home. Roll shutters also give homeowners control over their privacy – simply lowering the shutters prevents passersby or neighbours from seeing inside.

Roll Shutters Protect Against Severe Weather
We hope that our customers will never have to use this feature, but another benefit of roll shutters is that they will protect your doors and windows against weather. In the event of a storm or severe weather incident, close the roll shutters to deflect branches and other debris that can break glass and cause further damage.

In Winnipeg, Brandon, and surrounding areas, call us today to discuss the perfect roll shutter for your home.

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