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Product Highlight: Roll Shutters

  • Posted by: Overhead Door of Winnipeg
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If you need to secure a single area, but not a whole building, Roll Shutters are the solution you need.  They are the ideal way to secure your location in a mall, office building, or outdoor promenade when you are closed, but the rest of the area remains open.

Roll shutters from Overhead Door Winnipeg are custom made for your location, so they’re always a perfect fit.  You can choose different materials and construction depending on the level of security that you need.  Roll shutters are available in a wide range of colours, and provide a tidy look to your business, even when it’s closed.  Your assets can be hidden from view, and unauthorized access prevented by a heavy- duty key lock, which can be master keyed.

Roll Shutters can be manually operated, or controlled by a motorized drive system with a remote control, depending on your requirements.

Ideal locations for roll shutters?  Anywhere there’s a counter or area that needs to be secured.  Fast food outlets, transaction wickets, pharmacies, schools, and community centres, as well as a whole host of other applications can benefit from the clean appearance and increased security level provided by a lockable cover over windows and in front of customer service areas.

Roll shutters will prevent and deter theft and vandalism, provide a barrier for fire protection, and are far less obtrusive than other security treatments like prison-style metal bars or chain link fencing.  Because they are custom fitted to your need, their installation will be neat and professional in appearance.  Roll shutters will look good, whether open or closed.

To find out how roll shutters can beautify your business while increasing your security level and saving you money, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg online, or visit our showroom at 470 Des Meurons Street.

Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg