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Product Highlight: Advanced Insulated Sectional Doors

  • Posted by: Overhead Door of Winnipeg
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As anyone who has ever spent a winter day in Winnipeg knows, it’s cold here. So cold, at times, that you can’t start your car without a block heater, and it’s unsafe to spend a great deal of time outdoors.

We all know that energy costs are going nowhere but up. How does a business owner make a dent in skyrocketing prices of gas, oil and electricity when it comes to heating? The only answer is energy conservation through insulation.

If you have a shop with overhead doors, you are likely doing your best to minimize the amount of time that the door is open during cold weather, because when you do open it, you are attempting to heat the outdoors – always a losing battle.

But what about the time that the door is shut? It’s still a thermal weak point in the perimeter of your building. That’s why you need a quality, insulated door to do battle with the elements for you.

Thermacore® AP Model 850 insulated doors are engineered to deliver maximum thermal efficiency, while living up to all the other expectations you have in an overhead door.

Available in widths up to 40’2”, and a height up to 24’1”, Thermacore® AP doors are rated to have an R-value of 26, and a model with an R-value of 40 will soon be available. These doors are ideal for applications where you expect climate control, durability, and ease of maintenance. Installed by Overhead Door of Winnipeg, Thermacore® AP Advanced Performance Commercial Sectional doors come with a 10 year delamination warranty, 1 year warranty on material and workmanship, and a 3 year/20.000 cycle door and operator system warranty.

When you install a Thermacore® AP Model 850 door, you can be sure you’re getting the most advanced thermal performance values published by any major US manufacturer of 3” insulated doors

To start saving money on the high cost of energy in your shop facility by overhead doors with the best available thermal properties, contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg today.

Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg