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Enjoy Natural Light Without the Bugs in Your Garage

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Your garage is the ideal place to work on a variety of projects, offering protection from the elements and the heat of the summer sun. To enjoy natural light and fresh air as you work, though, you’re usually forced to leave your garage door open. This allows a variety of flying insects to invade your workspace, which can present quite a distraction.

With a garage door screen, you’ll be able to leave the door open while you work or enjoy the shelter of your garage at night without worrying about pests of the flying and crawling variety. The screen installs over the opening of your existing garage door, and provides a barrier that lets light and breezes in, while keeping pests and debris out.

Features of Our Garage Door Screens
The screen assembly is comprised of high-quality, durable materials that are also lightweight enough to facilitate quick and easy installation or removal. Screens are also flexible and can be easily folded, meaning that storage is just as simple as installation. When your new screen isn’t in use, just fold it up and put it away. The next time you need it, you’ll be able to install it with no fuss and no difficulty, allowing you to enjoy the natural light without the nuisance of pests.

Garage Door Screen Benefits
There are a variety of benefits of a garage door screen system, up to and including the simple barrier it presents against pests and insects. A garage door screen also allows you to leave your Overhead Door open while you’re using hazardous chemical applications, providing ventilation and air circulation that would be prevented by the closure of your garage door. Sit in your garage at night with shelter from the elements and protection from biting insects while still enjoying the fresh evening air. Contact us today for more information about our garage door screens today, just in time for summer!

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