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What’s That Sound? Your Garage Door Might Be Trying to Tell You Something

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All overhead doors, even the quietest ones, make some noise. We just push the button to open or close the door and ignore the sound it makes. Sometimes, however, a noise can slowly progress beyond the normal sound of operation, becoming an indicator of a problem with the door or the opener. Many times, we miss the warning signs, and the first sign of a garage door problem is a total failure.

noisygaragedoorNext time you open or close your garage door, listen for these signs of impending trouble. Many times, a little prevention can restore your garage door’s trouble-free service.

Noise in the Operator
The operator is the electric motor and the drive mechanism that raises and lowers the door. A little humming is to be expected, but listen for excessive groaning or grinding sounds from the motor box. If you hear the metallic rattle of loose chain hitting the rail of the opener, have it adjusted. They can stretch over time.

Noise in the Door
Grinding – often indicates a problem with the hinges or the rollers. They’ll need to be adjusted or replaced.

Squeaking – some minor squeaks are normal, as the hinges, rollers, springs, cables and pulleys move up and down with the door, especially as the changing seasons cause wooden materials to expand and contract, affecting the door’s alignment slightly. If the noise seems to have gotten louder, there’s a chance that the door needs lubrication or adjusting.

Crashing Noises/Jolting Door – a major problem, like a broken spring or the cable off the drum can cause this. So can a misadjusted force/limits adjuster.

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Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg