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Overhead Door of Winnipeg is COR™ Certified

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Chances are, you see the logo somewhere every day in your travels, but maybe you don’t know what it means. Or maybe you have an idea of what it means but don’t know how it applies to the company who has it displayed?

COR Certification Logo 2016The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) Program is the ultimate accreditation to verify companies that have implemented a comprehensive health and safety program. COR™ is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations, which includes the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba.

The COR™ certification is important to Overhead Door of Winnipeg because it acknowledges our ongoing efforts to provide a safe working place for our employees and customers; as well as our adherence to upholding the general safety program standards that COR™ represents internationally.

This certification provides our workers and project partners with the confidence that not only will we get the job done efficiently, but we will do so with a level of safety and professionalism that not all companies can offer.

It opens the door for Overhead Door of Winnipeg to continue to be a supplier and installer of products for large scale commercial projects.

Most importantly, it gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we are providing our customers with the highest standard of safety – which is in everyone’s best interest.
Your overhead door project deserves the best; contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg or Overhead Door of Brandon today and you’ll be sure to receive safe, professional, and efficient service, whether you need sales, service, or installation.

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