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Overhead Door: 95 Years of Leading the Garage Door Industry

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In this modern age, it’s safe to say that most people take their vehicles and the ability to drive for granted. But around 100 years ago, the Model T was just becoming available to the general population and people were all aflutter about this newfound freedom. If many of us take an invention as pervasive as the vehicle for granted, the garage door that closes behind us when we arrive home is not even given a second thought much of the time.

However, were it not for the ingenuity of C. G. Johnson, the founder of Overhead Door, we might be wrangling with side-opening panel doors that require the length of your yard to open!

C.G. Johnson identified a need and patented a sectional overhead door in 1921, and with that, the Overhead Door Corporation was born. It wasn’t long before he patented the electric garage door opener, so Manitobans owe him a debt of gratitude for allowing us to stay in our warm vehicles and head directly into our warm homes without unnecessary exposure!

Overhead Door of Winnipeg has been locally owned and operated since 1928. At 88 years and counting, that’s not far behind the founding of the corporation. That’s only one part of what makes us different; you can count on us to be around for the life of your door. We are local and experienced professionals with a dedicated staff and exceptional customer service.

Whether it’s sales, service, or installation, it’s what we do and we’re proud to be a part of the Overhead Door Corporation!

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Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg