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How to Make Garage Doors Less Noisy

  • Posted by: Overhead Door of Winnipeg
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Garage Doors WinnipegA noisy garage door is an inconvenience.  How many times have you had to make a decision when coming home late – leave the car outside for the night, or risk waking everyone up by opening and closing your noisy garage door?

You don’t have to live with a noisy garage door forever.  There are some things you can do to reduce or eliminate garage door noises forever, improving everyone’s quality of life (and sleep).  Some tips:

1)      Lubrication.  Garage doors have moving parts, and these parts require lubrication.  Consult your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website to find out what type of oil or grease to use, and apply it liberally.  Be careful to avoid any plastic parts with petroleum lubricants.

2)      Replace the rollers.  Steel rollers are noisy, and can be replaced with nylon ones quite cheaply.  If you choose to do it yourself, ensure that you know what you’re doing.  Springs can keep garage doors under load all the time, and make user service dangerous.  If in doubt, contact a qualified service person. They can change the rollers in a matter of a few hours.

3)      Isolate moving parts.  Use rubber washers or bushings underneath the bolts that attach door components to your house to reduce vibration and minimize transfer of noise to the frame of your building.  You can also hang the motor of your garage door opener on some rubber isolators to do the same.

4)      Make sure the seal at the bottom of the door is in good order.  If this seal is missing, or has become hardened by the elements, the doors will make a “boom” sound when it closes.

5)      Replacement.  Garage doors should last for decades, but they will wear out.  If you suspect that your door is beyond reasonable repair (has broken components, rusted, dented, or otherwise worn out) contact a reputable garage door shop for a quote on a new one.

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Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg