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Garage Door Springs – It Helps to Know Your Options

  • Posted by: Overhead Door of Winnipeg
  • Category: Overhead Door Brandon, Overhead Door Winnipeg

torsion-springs-or-extension-springsfeb2015You might be thinking: Why would I ask specifically about the type of springs that form part of my overhead door installation? Isn’t the spring mechanism standard fare, par for the course and all that?

The truth is, there are some generalities about garage door springs and assumptions that can be made, but each homeowner or business has to be looked at independently by the installer, in order to address individual needs.

Sometimes one type of spring will be recommended from a safety and operation standpoint, but logistically speaking, that type will not work.

As the ultimate project manager of your overhead door install, it’s important that you understand the differences and the impact they could have on your life in the months and years to come. Read this to learn more and call us to talk about your project.

Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg