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Choosing the Right Insulated Overhead Door: What You Need to Know.

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garage-door-insulation-feb2015Ah, February in Manitoba, such a magical time when thoughts go to…insulation? Yes it’s true, there are many things that are inherent to a Manitoba lifestyle, and some might be rather unglamorous but they go a long way to preserving our comfort and peace of mind. You probably don’t think too much about the insulation factor of your overhead door, which is understandable.

But perhaps that’s because you’ve only ever been exposed to one standardized type of insulated garage door and not had the options adequately explained. There might be something available to you that would better suit your needs.

Read this to learn about the differences between two types of basic garage door insulation. Contact us to talk about your needs and which type of insulation would better suit your lifestyle.

Author: Overhead Door of Winnipeg