Overhead Door of Brandon and Winnipeg are excited about the opportunity to provide our customers with another high quality, innovative product, as we partner with our new supplier, Sunshine Door.

The first Sunshine Door was developed in 1996, after the inventors identified a consumer need for overhead doors that allowed natural light transmission, while also providing strength and insulation to withstand our Canadian climate.

Originally designed for commercial and industrial applications such as car washes and dealerships, restaurants, and transaction windows, residential customers have come to realize that the design versatility, strength, and beauty of the product enhance a home aesthetically while greatly increasing overall property value.

The Sunshine Door consists of panels made with triple wall polycarbonate sheets that run the full width of the door for the best in structural and thermal performance. These panels allow up to 82% light transmission, while maintaining high impact resistance and weather resistance. It is the standard material used in greenhouses for temperature control and is widely used in many agricultural applications for its durability, design options, and fire safety.

Whether your overhead door project is large-scale industrial, or a worry-free home renovation, this product is guaranteed to impress!

Contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg or Overhead Door of Brandon to create your Sunshine Door today.

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Chances are, you see the logo somewhere every day in your travels, but maybe you don’t know what it means. Or maybe you have an idea of what it means but don’t know how it applies to the company who has it displayed?

COR Certification Logo 2016The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) Program is the ultimate accreditation to verify companies that have implemented a comprehensive health and safety program. COR™ is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations, which includes the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba.

The COR™ certification is important to Overhead Door of Winnipeg because it acknowledges our ongoing efforts to provide a safe working place for our employees and customers; as well as our adherence to upholding the general safety program standards that COR™ represents internationally.

This certification provides our workers and project partners with the confidence that not only will we get the job done efficiently, but we will do so with a level of safety and professionalism that not all companies can offer.

It opens the door for Overhead Door of Winnipeg to continue to be a supplier and installer of products for large scale commercial projects.

Most importantly, it gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we are providing our customers with the highest standard of safety – which is in everyone’s best interest.
Your overhead door project deserves the best; contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg or Overhead Door of Brandon today and you’ll be sure to receive safe, professional, and efficient service, whether you need sales, service, or installation.

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Wpg Home + Garden Show logoOverhead Door of Winnipeg will once again be among the exhibitors at the 42nd Annual Winnipeg Home + Garden Show.

The show has a new look this year and we’re very excited to be a part of all of the great new features. Everything from home improvements, gardening ideas and great deals, windows and flooring, to cabinets and landscaping, you will find it here!

Some of the show features include Ask A Renovator, where you get direct access to the city’s top home improvement experts; Barkitecture, a unique silent auction for a pampered pooch palace like no other, all in support of Habitat for Humanity Manitoba; and a Scattered Seeds Pop-Up Market, for those in need of a little retail therapy.

WPG Home + Garden web-buttonHead to downtown Winnipeg from April 1st thru 3rd to start planning your spring project; find us in Booth 246 at the RBC Convention Centre on your way to the show floor food court.

Our display will include beautiful products that you may never have considered for your home. Given that garage door replacement is among home projects with the greatest ROI, it’s definitely worth a look!

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Sprung Instant Structures Australia Project










At Overhead Door of Winnipeg, we’ve always been very proud of the special project work that we get to be a part of; ranging from custom residential projects via the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association’s Parade of Homes to the beautiful and unique McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre at Assiniboine Park.

One company with whom we work where the project is always guaranteed to be a fun and thought provoking challenge is Sprung Instant Structures. Beginning with the production of canvas products in 1887, including wall tents, chuck-wagon covers and mattresses in the North American west, the Sprung family name has been synonymous with “innovative enclosures” for well over a century. Today, Sprung has the impressive global experience of more than 12,000 structures in over 100 countries worldwide.

We are lucky enough to have been working with Sprung for about the past 3 years, and projects have literally spanned the globe. We have sent our products everywhere from Canada, to Hawaii and Alaska in the U.S., to foreign locales such as Chile, Brazil, Australia, and Mongolia.

Typically, the projects require Rolling Service Doors (Overhead Door #630 Series) with high wind load ratings, customer options and electric operators. Some of these doors are in high elevation remote locations or mines, where they need to withstand some of the harshest winds and climates Mother Nature has to offer.

Needless to say, we value our relationship with Sprung Instant Structures and always look forward to the next challenge.

We always jump at the opportunity to use our superior products and service to help make someone’s life a little easier, whether it’s our residential customer down the street or a company in a foreign country we have yet to visit.

The next time you need overhead door sales or service, call Overhead Door of Winnipeg and Overhead Door of Brandon – we are your local expert with global expertise!

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Mount Washington ObservatoryMount Washington Observatory near North Conway, New Hampshire is a world-class non-profit research and educational institution working to advance understanding of Earth’s weather and climate. The observatory is well known in part due to its unique location at the heart of some of the world’s most extreme weather conditions, including the highest ever recorded wind speed at 231 mph, annual snow fall of over 250 inches and temperatures that range from -47 F to 72 F.

stormtite model 620 overhead doorWhen the observatory needed rolling doors that met extreme wind load requirements for its visitor’s center and transportation vehicle’s garage, they turned to the experts at Overhead Door of Concord, New Hampshire. OHD Concord installed four Stormtite™ Model 620 rolling steel doors that allow visitors access to the observatory, and one Stormtite™ Model 625 rolling steel door to house and protect the observatory’s vehicles.

Here in Manitoba, we wear our extreme weather stories like a badge of honour and claim to have the coldest and windiest intersection in Canada, that being downtown Winnipeg’s Portage and Main.

At Overhead Door of Winnipeg and Overhead Door of Brandon, we pride ourselves on offering the most durable and reliable residential and commercial overhead doors, able to withstand our weather extremes and fluctuations with ease. We always knew it was true, but we’re very happy that somebody else tested that theory for us!

For expert installation, service, or repair, you can count on the professionals at Overhead Door in Manitoba.

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RBC Convention Centre and Overhead Door Winnipeg

As most Winnipeggers know, the RBC Convention Centre is a major meeting and convention facility located in downtown Winnipeg. The publicly owned facility was built in 1975 and was among the first such facilities built in Canada.

A $180-million expansion, completed between 2012 and 2015, roughly doubled the size of the facility, adding 131,000 square feet of exhibit space and underground parking.

We were lucky enough to be a part of both the new RBC convention center as well as the renovations to the existing structure across the way. Our portion of the project spanned roughly 6 months, from initial order and installation to final completion.

Working in conjunction with contractors, tradespeople, and architects, we supplied and installed a number of rolling sheet doors and standard overhead doors with custom safety and aesthetic features both on the interior (dividing spaces) and exterior; most including electric operators.

In addition, the project required multiple high-end interior and exterior fire-rated doors with some custom installation work to suit the design build architecture of the building. Not only did the project meet its deadline but our crews had a great time working on it with the other trades and really look forward to seeing our products in action.

Overhead Door of Winnipeg is your local expert on overhead doors of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a big project or a minor repair, we’d be delighted to help you. Contact us in the Brandon area at (204) 725-0540 and in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, call (204) 233-8621.

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In this modern age, it’s safe to say that most people take their vehicles and the ability to drive for granted. But around 100 years ago, the Model T was just becoming available to the general population and people were all aflutter about this newfound freedom. If many of us take an invention as pervasive as the vehicle for granted, the garage door that closes behind us when we arrive home is not even given a second thought much of the time.

However, were it not for the ingenuity of C. G. Johnson, the founder of Overhead Door, we might be wrangling with side-opening panel doors that require the length of your yard to open!

C.G. Johnson identified a need and patented a sectional overhead door in 1921, and with that, the Overhead Door Corporation was born. It wasn’t long before he patented the electric garage door opener, so Manitobans owe him a debt of gratitude for allowing us to stay in our warm vehicles and head directly into our warm homes without unnecessary exposure!

Overhead Door of Winnipeg has been locally owned and operated since 1928. At 88 years and counting, that’s not far behind the founding of the corporation. That’s only one part of what makes us different; you can count on us to be around for the life of your door. We are local and experienced professionals with a dedicated staff and exceptional customer service.

Whether it’s sales, service, or installation, it’s what we do and we’re proud to be a part of the Overhead Door Corporation!

Click here to read more about Overhead Door’s 95th Anniversary.

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It might not look like it, but a garage door can actually be one of the most hazardous items in and around your home. Countless injuries, and even deaths, have resulted from inadequate garage door safety practices, both in installation and operation of the door that is often the most used point of entrance to a home.

Manual Doors
Manual doors present a hazard if they are incorrectly installed or maintained. Once open, your garage door should remain firmly in the up position until it is lowered intentionally. Its closing action should be regulated by the spring mechanism so that it closes firmly so that it can be locked, but doesn’t come crashing down. Regular inspection and adjustment by a professional will keep a manual garage door working safely.

garage-door-insulation-feb2015Automatic Doors
Most homes use automatic garage door openers, because they’re convenient. You can open the door and enter without having to leave your car.

A mechanism that can move a heavy item like a roll-up garage door needs to be respected. Regular service by a qualified professional is required.

Children are particularly vulnerable, because they often don’t understand the hazardous nature of the garage door. It’s essential that you ensure the actuator buttons for your garage door are out of reach of children too young to appreciate the dangers they present, and that your remote openers are in a location where they can’t be grabbed.

Never leave your garage door part way open. When you start it, it may travel downward, resulting in an injury. Make sure to keep fingers clear of the door as it opens or closes, and look into anti-pinch protectors for your doors if you have children.

Inspect your door’s mechanism regularly, looking for signs of breakage, wear, etc. When it comes time for service, however, it is strongly recommended that you seek the services of a professional. Your door’s raising and lowering mechanism utilizes springs under very high load, and service by someone other than a trained professional can result in a serious injury or even death.

Overhead Door of Winnipeg can help you keep your residential garage door working safely. Contact us online, by telephone at (204) 233-7167, or visit our showroom at 470 Des Meurons Street in Winnipeg or in Brandon’s Southview Industrial Park.

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Heavy-Horse-Barn-frontAs a proud Winnipeg company (for generations now), we were absolutely thrilled to be able to provide our services in the new Heavy Horse Barn at the McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre at Assiniboine Park.

We were not surprised that the contract came our way, however. As Winnipeg’s overhead door specialist, we sell more and different types of doors than anyone else around, and we have our own manufacturing facilities and unparalleled installation experience. We knew the job, which included rolling and overhead doors in a rustic brown finish, as well as a pass-through man door inset into the overhead carriage house door, would present a significant challenge. We used jackshaft operators for the overhead doors, which use a side-mounted motor that eliminates the central trolley unit and work quickly, efficiently, and quietly. The track unit for the sliding doors was custom manufactured for the application.

Heavy-Horse-Barn-sideWe’re extremely proud of the end result. While the multi-day installation was challenging, there was never any doubt that we could get the job done, on time and on budget. On your next visit to the park, have a look at the doors in the horse barn and the carriage house and let us know what you think!

When it comes time to install new garage doors for your home or business, Overhead Door of Winnipeg should be your first call. Contact us online or by telephone at (204) 233-7167 today to speak with a consultant and find out what we can do. Our showroom is located at 470 Des Meurons Street in Winnipeg and in the Southview Industrial Park in Brandon.

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At Overhead Door of Winnipeg, we’re always looking for new ways to keep our customers and their property looking great and functioning properly. Recently, we’ve entered an agreement with Crelogix allowing financing for larger projects that may represent a significant challenge for our customers – those that cost more that $1500.

In our experience, many of our customers run into trouble with larger project costs, and delay them until they can pay for them in cash. Unfortunately, this can compromise their building security, functionality, and aesthetics. For many of our customers, this can present a significant problem.

OHD-and-CrelogixWhen we went looking for a partner company to work with us in the area of consumer credit, Crelogix was the obvious choice. They’ve been in business for more than 40 years, and have a solid history of offering responsible and accessible financing for their customers.

How it Works
Get a quote from Overhead Door on the work that your home or business needs, and visit Overhead Door’s portal on the Crelogix web site. Fill out the application (which is confidential between Crelogix and you), and one of their representatives will be back to you within a day and let you know that your application’s been approved. Once that happens, Overhead Door will be free to get to work on your project, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting our stellar products and service right away, with reasonable monthly payments that you can afford.

Don’t put off needed upgrades to your property’s appearance, functionality, and security. Get the overhead door or security shutter upgrade you need today.

Contact Overhead Door of Winnipeg online, by telephone at (204) 233-7167, or visit our showroom at 470 Des Meurons Street. Our helpful professionals in Brandon can be reached online or by calling 1-888-215-3473.

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